Identity & Culture (Negeri Sembilan)

1.  Custom  :-  Adat Pepatih
2.  Building  :-  Minangkabau ("big house")
3.  Flower  :-  Bunga Tanjung
4.  Animal  :-  Buffalo
5.  Food Stuff  :-  Lemang ("glutinous rice and coconut milk in bamboo tube")
6.  Dessert  :-  Penganan (cakes from rice flour, sugar and coconut milk)  and fritters
7.  Song  :-  Bongai ("traditional Negeri Sembilan song")
8.  Logo  :-  Seri Menanti Old Palace
9.  Cuisine  :-  Masak Lemak Lado Api (main course dish cooked with combination of onions, lemongrass,  tumeric  and most importantly(small extra hot chilies simmered in coconut milk produces the wonderful   aroma of a  totally mouthwatering dish).
10.  Drink  :-  Jando Pulang (he pulp and juice of young coconut mixed with some coloring (usually red) or brown  sugar  to taste makes this drink unique to Negeri Sembilan)
11.  Music  :-  Caklempong and Tumbuk Kalang
12.  Clothes  :-  Baju Melayu (traditional Malay outfit for Men), Baju Kurung ( traditional Malay dress for Women)
13.  Game  :-  Dam Melayu (Malay checkers)
14.  Weapon  :-  Cangai Puteri
15.  Dance  :-  Endang (modern Malay dance that has the influence of Sumatra and practiced by the Minang  community  of Negeri Sembilan)
16. Handicraft Products  :-  Rattan and Bamboo
17.  Gift  :-  Negeri Sembilan traditional desserts and it is encouraged  to fill them in containers made from     rattan or bamboo
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