Objectives   Functions :- 
  • To ensure that each rateable holding (land, with or without buildings thereon) which is located in the local authority area is subject to the payment of a rate imposed under the Local Government Act of 1976.
  • To ensure that the valuation and rate imposed on each holding which is liable to assessment, is done accordingly to the tone of the existing Valuation List.
  • To ensure that each holding has a valuation report in its file.
  • To supply data or information pertaining to the holdings located in the local authority areas, either to the government or private sectors as when requested.
  • To provide valuation and property services and to safeguard the interest of the Council in respect of transactions involving joint ventures / privatization of Council’s properties.
  • To ensure that the Council’s income from rates collection, will increase yearly in accordance with the development of the local authority areas.
  • To assist the enforcement unit of the Council in the collection of outstanding arrears of rates, with up to date information of each holding involved in the Valuation Lists.


  • To maintain the lists of rateable holding rates which are currently imposed in the local authority areas.
  • To keep a separate list of holdings which involved the payment of Contribution in Aids of Rates (CMK) from the State and Federal Governments.
  • To keep a record of holdings exempted or reduced of rate and those holdings with minimum rate payable in the local authority areas.
  • To process the application received for the refund or remission on unoccupied buildings.
  • To update information on the holdings in the Valuation Lists (such as the name and address of owners or occupier, etc.)
  • To make official search on documents of title in the Collector of Land Revenue or Register of titles offices.
  • General administration


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