• To improve the efficiency of licensing management system and to control and ensure that all terms and conditions of the license/permit is complied with for purpose of increasing the Council’s revenue
  • To monitor solid waste collection services, grass cutting, clearing of drains and their surrounding areas by SWCorp and SWME for the comfort of Seremban residents.
  • To supervise cleaning works, vector control and food premises control activities in order to curb contagious disease in the MPS constituency.
  • To give cooperation to other government agencies and private groups/NGOs in attending public facilities maintenance issues.
  • To process applications for Licence.
  • To monitor solid waste collection and removal of rubbish.
  • To provide service relating to environmental matters through the following activities:-
    1. Vector Control
    2. Inspection and grading of food premises
    3. Control and cleaning of public places, hygiene of public toilet and attending to complaints regarding the same.
  • To give assistance through the following action:-
    1. Cleaning of water reservoirs
    2. Clearing of cemetery sites
    3. Clearing of monsoon drains
    4. Additional cleaning frequencies of public places.
    5. Promoting and providing assistance in joint cleaning activities.
    6. Recyclng activities
Last Updated: Thursday, 12 December 2019 - 4:31pm