Objectives   Function :-
  • Responsible for improving and streamlining the management of the Engineering Department and the Council administration.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all maintenance such as road, drainage, traffic, building, ditch, and others are all safe to use and are in good conditions from time to time.
  • Re-process infrastructure plan for earthworks, roads and street lighting.
  • Maintaining the building and assets of Seremban Municipal Council.
  • Providing technical advice for development projects carried out through joint venture with the private sector.
  • Surveying, planning and implementing the traffic system in the Council administration areas; particularly the City centre.
  • Maintaining Council’s workshops, stores, machineries and vehicles – including managing the central purchasing system.
  • To ensure the recreation and social facilities provided for the residents of the Council area.


  • Road and Drainage Maintenance.
  • Projects and Traffic Management.
  • Development Controlling and Monitoring.
  • Building Maintenance.
  • Electrical Maintenance.
  • Contract and Quantity Surveying.
  • Workshop and Transportation Maintenance.
  • Administration Management.



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