Objectives   Functions :-
  • SAFE CITY PROGRAMME – To ensure that Seremban citizens are comfortable and safe not only in town centre but also in residential areas.

  • LOCAL AGENDA 21 PROGRAMME – To ensure that the Local Agenda 21 Programme is implemented well and effectively with the involvement of the private sector, government agencies and organisations (NGOs).

  • URBAN POVERTY ERADICATION PROGRAMME (UPEP) To identify the target group and formulate various short-term and long-term programmes/activities to ensure that the UPEP is implemented more effectively and comprehensively.

  • COMMUNITY COOPERATION PROGRAMME – To organise, coordinate and implement scheduled community cooperation programmes among the residents while ensuring the involvement of the local residents.

  • DISABLED PEOPLE – To coordinate programmes involving disabled people by providing facilities for them.

  • PROGRAMME FOR SINGLE MOTHERS – To coordinate job opportunity programmes specially for single mothers as a means to increase their income.

  • DRUG ABUSE – To coordinate awareness and education programmes on drug abuse issues.

  • YOUTH PROGRAMMES – To coordinate religious and education programmes on issues related to youths such as illegal street motorcycle racing, free mixing, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour.

  • Improve the Council’s administration and management of the town and the people.

  • Disseminate information to the local people concerning policy regulations, laws, guidelines, initiatives, programmes and activities of Seremban Municipal Council.

  • Build rapport and cooperation between Council and the people.

  • Preserve the welfare and safety of the public.

  • Encourage efforts to preserve cleanliness, health and the environment.

  • Collect information and data on residents for implementation of the Programme For Eradication of Poverty in Town (PPKB).

  • Cooperate with government agencies, private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in sponsoring activities to preserve the environment and basic facilities.


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