Objectives     Functions :- 
  • Receiving and processing applications for errections of buildings within the Municipal area based on the existing Acts, By Laws and policies.
  • Supervision the errection of Public, private and individual buildings projects and issuing notices for compliance of building regulations.

  • Responsible for issuing Certificate Fitness for occupation for buildings.

  • Responsible for issuing Permits for minor works such as repair works, errection of minor structures such as Awnings.

  • Preparation of Data on housing,commercial and industrial as required by relevant Ministries, departments such as Bank Negara, NAPIC, State Govt for research purposes.

  • Attend to Public complaints.

  • Carry out the demolition works on structures built illegally without council approval.


  • Development Control (Processing building plans and issuance of Certificate of Fitness of Occupation).
  • Enforcement (action against unauthorized building such as issuance of notices, compounds and legal action against the building owner).


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