Objective   Functions :-

Responsible in ensuring  matters that regarding general management and personel service of the Council are handled efficiently and systematically in accordance with the prescribed rules and / circulars so as to ensure customer satisfaction by efficient and quality delivery system.  


  • Appointment and placement matters
  • Post confirmation matters 
  • Officer / staff disciplinary matters 
  • Officer / staff promotional matter   
  • Managing officer / staff pension matters 
  • Processing of salary of Council officer /staff     
  • Officer and staff trainings / courses
  • Filing system for file movements and data filing


  • Booking of MPS Hall
  • Booking of Equipments
  • Managing the Council’s insurance
  • Processing various claim payments
  • Processing telecommunication equipment bill payments
  • Processing banner permit applications

Public Relation

  • Council Meetings
  • Press Statements
  • Public Relation Matters
  • Official/Formal Functions 


  • Plan, manage and observe the implementation of the Delivery System of the Department
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of Working Procedure Manual and Desk File for the council officers and staffs
  • Plan and organise quality and innovation upgrading campaign for all MPS members



  • Car Parks Operation
  • Car Parks Monthly Rental
  • Support Letter for Commercial Vehicle Licence (CVL)
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