The Seremban Municipal Council is headed by the Council President (Yang DiPertua Majlis) who is assisted by a Council Secretary, 11 heads of departments and 25 Councilors.

In the Administrative matters, Seremban Municipal Council has 11 Sub-committees that are responsible to formulate policies that will be implemented by the Council. The Sub-committees are :-

  • Financial and Public Means Committee *
  • Licensing and City Cleaning Committee *
  • Traffic Committee *
  • Offerings (Tender) Committee
  • Planning and Buildings’ Plans Committee *
  • Committee Development Committee
  • Assessment Tax Appeals Board
  • Disciplinary Actions (Staffs) Board
  • MPS Disciplinary Actions Appeals Board
  • Hiring and Promotions Board Committee
  • Beatification and Old Buildings Committee
  • OSC Committee
  *These committees will hold their meetings at least once a month, where all decisions and approvals of the boards and committees are brought up at the monthly Full Council Meeting. The MPS Full Council Meeting is chaired by the President of the Seremban Municipal Council. Apart from these the Council also appoints "ad-hoc" committees to address specific issues.*
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