• Safe City Programme is a crime prevention steps programme in ensuring the city’s crime rate could be reduced and allow the city residents could live comfortably and safely.
  • The Cabinet on 28th January 2004 had decided that safe cities and towns are created by avoiding deserted, dark alleys and other improvements as steps to prevent crimes.

There are 15 crime prevention steps towards the implementation of Safe City Programme as follows :

STRATEGY 1 - Designing the Physical Environment

  1. Separation of pedestrian walkways from motorised walkways
  2. Implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  3. GIS mapping of crimes and Safe City Programme

STRATEGY 2 - Empowering Target Areas

  1. Provision of Permanent or Mobile Police Stations
  2. Provision of Safety Mirrors
  3. Provision of Crime Reminder Signboards
  4. Provision of Safety Alarms
  5. Provision of Locked Motorcycle Parks
  6. Installation of Closed-circuit Camera (CCTV) ant business premises and public areas
  7. Lighting on the target areas at the side, front and back of houses /buildings and sidewalks of business premises, public areas and residential areas
  8. Public walkways is not hidden from public eyes
  9. Conduct appropriate activities in areas prone to crime

STRATEGY 3 - Management, Community Participation and Public Awareness

  1. Education, public awareness and publicity
  2. Increase Patrols in Housing areas
  3. Permanent Monthly Agenda in PBT Full Council Meeting


  1. Lighting
  2. Separation of pedestrian walkways from motorised walkways
  3. Safety alarms
  4. Safety Mirrors
  5. Installation of CCTVs
  6. GIS mapping of crimes and safe city steps

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