1. The council performed garbage collection and public cleaning in house in addition to the Council appointing 2 contractors to collect garbage within MPS area.
  2. Placing 8 PKA personnel at the Seremban District Health Office to assist in :-

    i. Breeding site/location search and destroy team.
    ii. Performing aedes eradication efforts
    iii.Fogging in select locations

  3. Fogging in select locations.
  4. Monitor and inform on the necessity of maintenance works on retention ponds owned by JPS.
  5. Monitor grass mowing and garbage collection SWME and appointed contractors.
  6. Clear and monitor works to clear overgrowth in no men’s land.
  7. Issue notice on overgrowth or unkempt private lands and taking action through court for failure to comply with the notice issued.
  8. Assist in gotong-royong organised in housing areas by housing areas/JKKK/KRT and others by contributing RM200 for each gotong-royong.
  9. Encourage the involvement of residents in housing areas to participate in COMBI activities organised by the Ministry of Health Malaysia in their areas
  10. Take prompt action on any related report.
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